April 28, 2008

Breathing with Creation

            The Spirit of God breathes through all creation. “Everything that hath breath” participates in the life of God who fills the earth with holy presence. This past weekend, I had the privilege of being in Connecticut for the ABC annual gathering. It could not have been a lovelier time of year. New England is revered for its autumnal glory, but I would argue for the pristine beauty of its springtime.

            The creatures were stirring, giddy with the prospects of new life and fresh dietary options. Deer, wild turkeys, foxes, squirrels, geese, and an occasional bobcat frequent the woods near where I was staying.  I hated to go to bed, fearful that I might miss one of the nocturnal visitors. They all praise God simply by being what they were created to be.

            Friday afternoon provided time for a walk along the Farmington River, a haven for those devoted to fly-fishing.  Trout was the elusive quarry; pursuing it was a peaceful exercise in patience.  I marveled at the spare, graceful movements of those fishing, attentive to the world beneath the surface. 

            I felt a stilling of my heart as I breathed in unison with the varied expressions of God’s handiwork. For a shining few moments, I felt afresh the beckoning of the Spirit to join the dance of creation.


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